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The Hotel Del Rey in San Jose Costa Rica is Sold

Call it the end of an era, and perhaps the start of a new one. According to the Diario Extra , a San Jose newspaper, the Hotel has been sold and will be renovated in early November. Why is this such noteworthy news for me to be writing about this? Well, if you are an avid blog follower, you know that this hotel was once the center of the party scene in my old stomping grounds of San Jose, Costa Rica. Spending so much time laughing and people watching at the center of this shit-show, the Del Rey has provided me countless memories that I will never forget. For this reason, the Del Rey became an escape for me and my crew of expat friends. We could come in and talk English with tourists, locals, and know that our favorite sporting events were usually available to watch. Over 17 years of going here, mostly when I was living in Escazu, I made many friends who were employed by the gigantic pink, smelly hotel.

Scott Disick Bolted From Costa Rica After Blowout Fight with Kris & Kim

The terrain varies from Rainforest and Mountains to Beaches and Bay. Some areas have a well developed infrastructure; others are remote and accessible only by 4 WD or boat. The Southern Coastal Area: It encompasses vast rural landscape mixed with old coffee plantations and small manageable farms, a myriad collage of sustainable farmland possibilities. I lived off grid for over nine years; no roads, no electricity on acres on a marvelous beach in the Jungle, 45 minutes to the nearest town by boat only!

I know what it takes to live here in harmony with the land.

Three to six days.

Costa Rica Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide With 4 percent of the earth"s wildlife species, vast tropical rain forests, and live volcanoes, it"s no wonder this former backpacker"s haven in Central America has been discovered by the world. Having lost my glasses somewhere along a four-day hike to Machu Picchu, I arrived in Costa Rica to find a wilderness where green landscapes blurred into turquoise horizons, red volcanic flames bled into the black night, and rainbow-tinted birds streaked across the sky.

Nearly everyone I met was an American on a budget, there to catch the waves, study the turtles, and scope out the country"s 10, species of plants and more than kinds of mammals before the rest of the world discovered this Eden for themselves. Even with my fuzzy perspective, I shared their urge to guard the fragile ecosystem of this"rich coast"—as Christopher Columbus named the country in —from the onslaught of mass tourism.

Once home, I complained about how developed it was a lie and how human intervention was destroying natural habitats not an untruth: When I returned to Costa Rica a couple of years later—contact lenses, this time—the hues still blended like watercolors and the light breaking through the clouds above the Nicoya Peninsula was just as milky.

Costa Rica Rooster Fishing

With an average weight between 50 and 80 pounds, rooster fish is a great opponent for any professional or amateur fisherman. An 80 lb rooster fish is a better fighter than a 80 lb sailfish. Rooster fish is not a migratory specie, it is rather a territorial one and it is present year round. However, a higher number of fishes are caught when water conditions are especially good, no matter what time of the year it is.

One of the main reasons for the abundance of this species is the fishing technique that is used to catch it circle hook to catch this variety of fish plus the catch and release technique shared by all of the Gulf of Papagayo fishermen.. Another reason for the abundance of this fish is that there is a large area of good fertile grounds where the rooster fish live in Papagayo Bat Islands and this area has been incorporated into a protected area called the Santa Rosa National Park.

Sun-seekers, meanwhile, should make a break for Barbados, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands in the tail end of the year before the other beach bums arrive.

Each construction contract will spell out what items are included and what is not. Block is great for single story dwellings with basic lines. This modern building product comes in 4-foot-by foot panels of steel wire mesh that surrounds expanded polystyrene. These panels are environmentally friendly. Benefits include structural resistance to hurricane- force winds and earthquake activity; quick installation; great versatility the panels can be used in a wide array of architectural styles ; transportation cost savings because it weighs less than block; improved insulation that reduces noise from outside and between rooms; and protection from humidity damage.

Plus, Covintec is relatively seismic-proof, and with eight times the thermal insulation of traditional block systems, tests have shown that it provides electric energy savings for homeowners of 23 percent to 27 percent. And because there"s no wood and the panels are embedded with steel, bugs and critters can"t eat it or chew through it to live inside. Furthermore the product allows greater flexibility of design, especially in multiple story dwellings where block wall placement is restricted based on load design.

The Covintec system combines a welded structural steel frame for the house with the insulating quality of EPS steel reinforced panels. Using this new method, a structural steel frame is welded together. Then the Covintec Panels are attached via welded straps from the steel. The finished wall thickness is the same as with concrete block with the added benefit of over 3 inches of insulation inside the wall cavity.

Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide

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Share shares This month is also the time for nature fans to visit the southern Serengeti in Tanzania to watch thousands of grazing wildebeest or to explore the empty beaches and nature trails in full bloom in Australia"s Tasmania. Other highlights this month include the Hay literary festival in Colombia, cruising through Myanmar under a balmy sun and taking in Vienna"s glamorous winter balls.

February Follow in Santa"s sleigh trails: Lonely Planet also encourages travellers to embrace the chill in Iceland, Lapland and Andorra this month as conditions are ideal for hiking, skiing and to see the Northern Lights. The weather, meanwhile, is glorious in Honduras, which offers affordable diving. And it"s carnival season in Rio de Janeiro - and the bodegas of Mendoza, Argentina, are open with enticing wine tours and tastings.

March First splash of spring: Other picks include watching grey whales migrating off the coast of Baja California, Mexico, spotting Shere Khan big cats in Madhya Pradesh, India, or encountering Sichuan pandas in China during this month. April A spicy spring escape: Cultured travellers can explore Jordan"s ancient attractions while camping in the desert at this mild time of year. It"s also an inspiring time to see the colourful flowers of sakura cherry blossom season in Japan.

Spring is also ideal for driving along California"s breath-taking, traffic-free coastal roads and to feel the heat on a thrilling beach break in Thailand during the nation"s new year celebrations, Lonely Planet says. The guide book has other picks for this month, too. A nature lover"s paradise, Montenegro has rivers, seas and slopes, ripe for exploration in mild May, while it"s also a good time to take advantage of the deserted beaches in Spain"s Galicia region before the other tourists arrive.

Golfito Real Estate and San Vito Real Estate

As Costa Rica pacific coast"s whitest and finest sand beaches with a marina, entertainment, hotels, dining and shopping in walking distance has given Flamingo its long-standing reputation for luxury living while enjoying this natural paradise like setting. This beach has for the longest time been considered the epicenter of beach tourism for the North west Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Due to a law suit with the majority land owner kept this area out of development pathway for over 20 years.

With the lawsuit finally settled this area has started booming again in a more sophisticated fashion.

Costa Rica fishing enthusiasts can best enjoy Snook fishing on the Caribbean coast, although when the tides are exactly right, Snook can be caught casting close to shore on the Central Pacific and especially South Pacific coasts.

Thousands of eager anglers from around the globe fish Costa Rica for Sailfish all along the Pacific coast every year. During the peak Pacific Sailfish bite, anglers on Costa Rica fishing trips with top-gun Costa Rica sportfishing captains might release 25 and more of these elegant and beautiful Sailfish on a full-day deep sea fishing charter. Marlin-Offshore Pacific A Marlin leap is one of the most impressive sights of a Costa Rican offshore fishing adventure.

Experienced Costa Rica saltwater sportfishing captains will take anglers to blue water to fish for Blue, Black and Striped Marlin. Hook a Marlin, and get ready for the Costa Rican sport fishing adventure of a lifetime. Rooster Fish-Inshore Exotic Roosterfish with their dorsal combs are among the most sought-after inshore gamefish. This catch-and-release species is as tough as they come. Even a 30lb Roosterfish will give anglers on Costa Rica fishing trips a terrific fight.

Roosterfish of lbs are not uncommon, so imagine what is in store when you hook one! Snapper-Pacific Snapper are one of the tastiest nearshore fish in the sea. The incredibly delicious and pretty Spotted Rosy Snapper is the smallest, while huge Cubera Snapper of 60lbs and more are not uncommon on Costa Rica fishing trips. Boating an 80lb Tarpon is like hauling a Buick from the bottom of the sea.

Golfito Real Estate and San Vito Real Estate

Photo 1 of 4. Click to view slideshow. Heading to Costa Rica on vacation?

Due to a law suit with the majority land owner kept this area out of development pathway for over 20 years.

Yes, there are long wait lists for non-emergency medical treatments. Costa Rica doctors are for the most part, U. Outside of San Jose, the hospitals and clinics can be lacking the most basic diagnostic tools. Want a name-brand drug? Think about a person from a big city in the Northeast moving to a small town in the deep south. Language barrier and all.

The culture shock can be as drastic. Many Ticos speak English, especially those that make a living dealing with Gringos. Tico Time is another adjustment for many. That means cars are very expensive — even used ones. Duties on other imports are very high also. If you need the latest version iPhone, it may not even be available in Costa Rica for a year after launch in the states. After all, the main dish served everywhere is chicken and rice or some variation.

The Hotel Del Rey in San Jose Costa Rica is Sold

Where the boys and girls are There are an amazing amount of wonderful places to see in Costa Rica for such a small country.

The Hotel Del Rey in San Jose Costa Rica is Sold

Many year of experience fishing in gulf of Papagayo say that to catch this powerful depredator using lures is some difficult, in other hand, bait is excellent to catch someone, specially live bait:

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