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How to Break Up With Someone

By Taylor Casti You just scored the digits of your second hottest prospect on OKCupid and you"re ready to start scheduling actual dates. But don"t start tapping away at that touchscreen just yet. Don"t you know there are rules to this sort of thing? I mean, you wouldn"t simply text someone you like and want to see again, would you? You might come off as desperate or clingy or, worse, like you"re actually interested. Every texting move you make needs to be carefully planned so you don"t totally embarrass yourself and die.

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Breaking up is hard to do. If not, well, it can get a little awkward. Find out how to do so in the gallery below: It"s immature, lazy, and just very not-cool overall. Plus, in my own personal experience, I"ve often found that ghosting makes the breakup process longer. This is because there"s no real closure, and as a result, the person who gets ghosted is left wondering what they did wrong for much longer than they would be if they"d just been broken up with straight-up.

In other words, handle them like a stalker, not like someone you once cared for.

Learn the dos and don"ts of ending a romantic relationship. Just about all of us have heard -- or even said -- this line as a way of ending a romantic relationship. The problem is that it often leaves the dumpee thinking the exact opposite. But is there really a way to make a clean and honest break? Is it ever OK to lie when ending a romantic relationship? Can you IM him or her that it"s over, or do you have to do it in person? Is it really possible to be friends with your ex after a breakup?

WebMD went to the experts to get the best breakup advice ever. All Relationships Are Not Created Equal"The nature of how to handle a breakup has to do with how you experience a relationship," says New York City-based psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Janice Lieberman, PhD, who specializes in relationship issues. For starters, she says, not every relationship deserves a dramatic breakup.

There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a relationship.

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I need to know how to end a relationship. Above all, you must be strong in your convictions. It only means that you are incompatible and will have better luck finding love elsewhere. Now is the time to download a step by step guide on how to survive this breakup.

The can quickly see when a situation is damaging and will remove themselves immediately.

I consider myself a kind person, but I"ve never figured out a way to tell someone I"ve been dating that I"m no longer interested. Usually I try to get the message across by not answering the phone, etc. My friends tell me that it"s too cruel to come right out and tell the person that I don"t want to see them again.

What"s the best way that"s not hurtful to stop dating someone? Grappling with this question is common, and mishandling it causes of a lot of unnecessary pain. Enough pain that I would like to see us undertake a thorough overhaul of the unwritten rules about what to do when we feel little or no emotional connection when dating and we need to stop. First ask yourself this: Would you rather be told directly, or prefer to figure it out by living through a series of avoidance behaviors by your former date?

Obviously, the person on the receiving end of the"hints" is not enjoying a positive experience. One way to avoid some of this needless pain is to settle on some basic guidelines concerning dating and plan your approach before you start. Here are some suggested guidelines for you to share with anyone new you begin dating, before any misunderstandings can arise: Neither of us has to explain or justify a decision to stop.

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I have been dating a guy for just over three weeks. We were both upfront with our intentions from the start both want a long term relationship and have similar goals eg travelling, starting a family. Organising to catch up can be difficult because he works early and very long hours which leaves him exhausted by the night…. We slept together on the fourth date which I initiated but afterwards I regretted as I thought that I had rushed things.

Yes, there is a polite way to break up.

But what hurt him most was knowing that I had felt that way for weeks but I had carried on as if nothing was wrong. He felt lied to. It was so awful and I decided never again to let convenience or the feelings of family or friends dictate the timing of my relationships. Think about how you would like to be told.

Make sure you do it face to face where possible. I think texting is a definite no-no, as is splitting up via email or just changing your status on Facebook. My girlfriend came back home to England early spring and invited me to come with her to Sydney for Easter.

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Get more great stuff! Like 2machines on Facebook It was love at first sight. After a flirty conversation, they exchanged numbers. And as Dana was getting ready for bed, he texted: The next day, he texted:

You hang on, hoping each mean-then-sweet cycle is the last one.

Here"s advice for teens on how to break the news. Now you"re just not feeling it anymore. How do you break up without making someone miserable -- or making them hate you forever? Don"t stress -- that"s not good for you. But first, here"s what NOT to do: Don"t tell your friends before you break up. Don"t post it on Facebook. Don"t text or email it. Don"t Text the Bad News You may be tempted to text a breakup to avoid arguments and tears.

But don"t go there. Changing your Facebook status from"In a relationship" to"Single" is also not the way to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you"re through. If you post it,"everybody gets to comment, and you"re bringing everybody into your world," says teen psychologist Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD. Instead, think about how you"d want someone to break up with you, and try to do the same thing.

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If that describes you, back in the saddle again after a hiatus, divorce or widowhood, know that yes, the rules have changed—and for the better. Old credos, like waiting a certain number of dates before having sex or insisting that the guy should always pick up the bill, may be officially outmoded, but they still linger in many people"s minds.

Read on for eight dating rules ripe for the breaking. Don"t have sex on the first date, but be prepared to jump into bed on the third. Rules about when or whether to hit the sack with a new partner can be confusing. Sometimes, especially if you"re not necessarily looking for something long-term, moving fast feels right as long as you stay safe.

So while you should avoid using netspeak too much, using slang or an unusual greeting is considered a great move.

NEXT Have you ever wondered exactly what casual dating is? To some people it sounds glamorous and mysterious. To others it sounds like a polite term for sleeping around. In reality, many casual dating relationships have nothing to do with sex. Read on for casual dating tips Casual dating is all about keeping your options open and playing the field so that you can figure out what type of person you are most compatible with.

There are no serious talks, no pressure to commit and best of all no messy breakups. Does it sound too good to be true? Here are eight rules of casual dating to help get you started. Rack Up the Digits When you strike up a conversation with an attractive, interesting guy in a club, an elevator or even a supermarket aisle, go ahead and ask for his phone number.

How to Break Up with Someone

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